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June 2, 2012

The Diary of a freelance agent. The Diary stroke back

Dear Diary,
While I wrote and sent a book-presentation to a good friend in the USA, Andrei gathered all the strength he has left to offer the world another on-line project related to Crux.

What do you mean “What’s gonna have in it?” Basically, short teasing stories regarding each character you will find in the novel, duuuuh!

Yes, I know he’s smart. Although… He says this was somehow my idea, but I’ll give him the credit for the whole concept since he’s the one who’s actually building the web-page. Can’t wait for it!
Yes, Diary, of course people can find more info about this on his blog!

What? The link? Seriously? Ok, ok, here you go… FYI, his blog updates are quite visible on my page, but have it your way!
Andrei Mazilu

What happened next? As in today? Are you kidding me? What do you expect from me, perform miracles? But just because you asked, my hyperactive friend, today happened that I wrote a book-presentation also in Romanian that’s eager to see the light of Internet… Aaaand! I joined other interesting groups on LinkedIn. Brilliant network! I’ll start making noise there too.
Still correcting the novel. I think I’m falling a little for one of the characters. Should keep my objectivity, should keep my objectivity…

Well, enough for now. Hope you’re happy. Oh, don’t crumple your pages looking at me all offended! I shall fulfill your desire to be covered in news, I promise J

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