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June 3, 2012

By my powers combined...

No, I’m not Captain Planet, but I just as well may be. Kidding.
I just did what the French would say a “tour de force” and finished up reviewing / correcting / making suggestions and sided comments to the book, while still enjoying reading it. TWICE! Well, not all at once. The first marathon took a week, and the last one, 14 hours, give or take lunch and a quick run to the store for provisions. Impressive amounts of coffee and chocolate needed. Easy job, they said… Entertaining job, they said…

Well, I’m waiting for Andrei to have the final word on his novel, pun intended. Meaning he has to mouse-browse every red-word he finds and accept the changes. Or not.

But if you ask me, the book is ready to receive its blessed copyright. Then, the fun part starts!

FYI. If you, by any chance, happen to suddenly wake up  in the middle of the night with a voice screaming in your head “Somebody get me a publisher!”, it’s not you. It will probably be me. Just in case, check the blog. If it’s written there, you’re safe.  

But to be fair, the fun already started, but it skipped me. Tortured by shame, I must admit that, even if I knew since this morning that Andrei finished the other web-site page and already posted a back-story for one of the characters in Crux, I didn’t have time to read it. Nor promote it as I should. Bad, bad agent!

Well, I’ll make my amends now. Here we go! Let’s see what this genius of mine prepared for all of us!

The Angellove Society

All being said and done, I wish you a great week-end. I personally had a great Saturday! And Sunday looks pretty bad-ass too…

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