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May 31, 2012

How to publish a book with only hunches, balls and good friends

It’s been only a week since Andrei finished his novel. And boy, it was a hell of a week... Actually, it was so tossed and turned, I don’t even know what to begin with… But let me try...

The Reviewing
The book is in my hands. Literally, since I began re-reading it for final polishing. Needless to say, I love it now more than I loved it at the beginnings, because the loose ends finally tie together and the more I get into the characters, the more appealing they look to me. With an average of 72.000 – something words, the manuscript is worth the last un-slept 4 nights. The proof-reading is going well and I intend to finish it ASAP because next in line, waits…

The Copyright
Simple procedure, actually, but it took me 2 days to understand how on Crux (yes, pun intended) will we get it done, since Andrei is surfing the seas somewhere, while I was blinking dumbly at the amount of information I had to digest, refine and chose as viable in such a short time. Luckily, as the song goes, with a little help from my friends, I got the info I needed and we’ll submit the manuscript for certification as soon as we have the final version. This means me going back on hunting for comas and satisfying phrasings. Peachy!

The Promotion
Well… at that, I’m a pro! (laughing). No, seriously, I engaged in some bold actions and wrote to some people which I won’t mention at this point just because I don’t want to jinx it. Otherwise, on-line accounts on the major networks like Delicious, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Google+1, Pinterest and so on. Why didn’t you read the word Facebook in fire letters? Because the page is under construction.  Again, a friend in need is a friend indeed, so I gathered all my beautiful people and started promoting the blogs. And I say blogs, because Andrei’s has now an improved look and he’s writing on it daily.
Well, give him a check! He promises good things happening there which I am proud of!
Undergoing the process of construction is the book’s future site, also. Armed with Andrei’s ideas, I began the search of web-designers. Found a few, waiting for them to show me what they’ve got.
Also, we got a cover. Not the greatest and it’s a loaner, but a cover nonetheless. I need a graphic designer and fast! Anybody?

The hopes, dreams and expectations
Plenty. And then some!

Stay tuned! Up-dates will follow!

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