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June 14, 2012

Work review 1.0

Dearly beloved,

It’s been a weird week, but it turned out ok eventually.

Thanks to LinkedIn, which slowly becomes my new favorite network, I had the opportunity to connect to great people, make some new friends and get some good information. Thank you all!

Reading stuff over the net, I particularly enjoyed this guy.

Samuel Bonner.

And this looks like a great resource, recommended to me by another writer.
Very good reviews and they say it’s the Holy Grail for anybody in the writing business. Too bad I don’t have the budget to actually pay for my subscription. Just a bump in the road. Until I get in there, can any of you lovely people tell me if you used this resource or actually got some benefits from it? I need multiple-source checking.

So this week was about sending e-mails, receiving e-mails, sorting through information, put aside what’s interesting, make a list of priorities and try to keep up with the reviewing of “Crux”. Nothing spectacular, just plain routine office work. Well, waking up in the morning with over 100 e-mails was kind of challenging… That, and the fact that I proudly offered myself a notebook to write down everything I must not forget to do, see, check, answer to or at least read.

At some point, following trails and digging the Internet, like the nice pit-bull that I am, I stumbled upon this:

And then I got sad. They keep a monthly writing contest, apparently with money prizes included. So I was two seconds away from sending the link to Andrei, with a very short and clear message: “Start writing!” when the words ONLY FOR US RESIDENTS  stroke me and made me abandon this route. But I want him to write there! He’d rock that place!
Oh well, there will be another contests…

But to finish in a positive note, the big announcement!

Starting tomorrow, as a token of appreciation to our friends, fans and followers, we’ll let the dice roll and introduce you to


For rules and awards, check our Facebook page! We’re waiting for you there!

That’s all folks! Sweet dreams and don’t forget, In Angellove We Trust!

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