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September 6, 2012

A quest into the digital art world and a message from my writer

Message from my writer
So! We made some great contacts today: very talented local young men and women who are offering their services in regards to our need for a book cover. We'll be receiving their sketches and get back to you, and them - of course! - sometime next week. I wish I could hire all of them because they are original, gifted and deserve to shine and be rewarded, but sadly we have a limited low budget...

I hope nobody will hold a grudge; by the time the next book will be ready for print, we should be well prepared to purchase their services at a decent price and not ask for freebies. I also hope that we made friends today and not just business associates, and I intend to promote you guys in the future. All of you!

Deea and I have been thinking about a couple of side projects and meeting these wonderful artists gave me an idea. We'll reveal them soon enough, but until then, let's pick a cover!

On a personal level, I want to thank them for their prompt response and professional attitude, and hope that I can meet them all for a drink and a chat when I get back. Special thanks to our friends, Malice Bathory and Scufitza Rosie, for advertising for us and getting us in touch with these wonderful folks!
And may I add a short PS: more news to come and a choice to be made! I can't wait!
Don't forget to check our page for details! The Angellove Society will soon disclose the artists' names who made it to the shortlist for the cover design of Crux!

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