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July 31, 2012

Who is Scott Kuhn?

The Angellove Creative Writing Exercise Winner, of course!

Scott gave us the best cliff-hanger in the competition. Here it is:

"BING-BONG" I hear someone ringing my doorbell. I get up and dust the cheetos, I ate while watching Twilight Zone,off my hand and onto my Levi Jeans. The show's theme song plays and the credits start to roll as I rise to my feet , making to pick-up my pistol. "BING-BONG" The doorbell rings once more. "Hold your horses!" I yell. I reach my orange, dusty right hand out and grab the doorknob. Again, The doorbell rings. "BING-BONG" I open the door, holding my Glock 9mm firmly in my left, undusted hand, hidden behind the door. I slowly turn the brass knob. The door flies opens and then, suddenly ..."

Scott is a self-employed entrepreneur from Pennsylvania and if you want to know more about him, go check his Facebook Page, he does share lovely quotes!

Scott's name and info was mentioned in 15 Facebook groups of writers and he himself took some pride in being the winner.

So if you want to have fun with us, get creative and be promoted, just tune in on Thursday's Competition! It's getting more challenging by the minute so get your pens and papers and be ready for a new literary adventure!


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